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China’s soybean market in 2021

Legumes generally refer to all legumes that can produce pods. At the same time, they are also commonly used to refer to legumes used as food and feed in the Papilionaceae subfamily of the leguminous family. Among the hundreds of useful legumes, no more than 20 legume crops have been widely cultivated.
soybean plant
1. Sown area
The area of ​​beans has increased significantly. In 2020, the sown area of ​​beans nationwide will be 11430 thousand hectares, an increase of 505.3 thousand hectares or 4.5% over the previous year. Driven by the policy of the soybean revitalization plan, the soybean planting area was 9,853.76 thousand hectares, an increase of 515.4 thousand hectares or 5.7% over the previous year. China Commercial Industry Research Institute predicts that in 2021, the planting area of beans in China will reach 12129 thousand hectares, and the planting area of soybeans will reach 10420.7 thousand hectares.

2. Yield
In 2020, China’s bean output was 21.87 million tons, an increase of 1.54 million tons over the previous year, an increase of 7.2%. Among them, soybean output was 19.5 million tons, an increase of 1.53 million tons or 8.24% over the previous year. China Commercial Industry Research Institute predicts that China’s bean output will reach 23.872 million tons and soybean output will reach 21.025 million tons in 2021.
3. Unit output
In 2020, the yield of beans per hectare will be 1970 kg/ha, and the yield per hectare will increase by 837 mu or 2.4% over 2019. Among them, the yield per hectare of soybean will be 1970 kg/ha, which will increase the yield per hectare by 608.4 mu or 2.25% over 2019.

At present, China’s soybean cleaning mainly uses soybean cleaning machines and soybean gravity separator. Mainly used to remove straw, dust, insects, mildew and other particles in soybeans. Prevent residual aflatoxin in the material. Of course, some customers also use complete sets of processing lines.

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