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Hebei Haide AuPu Machinery Engineering Co.,Ltd has more than 10 years of research and development, production and sales experience in Agricultural Processing Machines.
Now we concentrate on the integration of agricultural machinery, Seed and Grain Cleaning equipment, shelling and threshing equipment,drying equipment, and elevators, and is committed to product technological innovation and industrial improvement.
Hebei Haide AuPu Machinery Engineering Co.,Ltd strives to reduce the difficulty of equipment operation, ensure the stability of equipment, and design products to meet customer needs.
Our products such as sesame seed cleaning line, beans cleaning plant, coffee bean processing plant, peanut shelling and cleaning production line, wheat, paddy, corn chia, seed cleaners, sunflower seed shelling and cleaning machines, rice milling and cleaning plant, wheat and corn flour milling and cleaning plant etc.

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