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  • The benefits of soybeans

    The benefits of soybeans

        Soybeans are known as the “King of Beans”, and are called “plant meat” and “green dairy cows”, with the most nutritious value. Dried soybeans contain about 40% of high-quality protein, the highest among other grains. Modern nutrition studies have ...
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  • China’s soybean market in 2021

    China’s soybean market in 2021

    Legumes generally refer to all legumes that can produce pods. At the same time, they are also commonly used to refer to legumes used as food and feed in the Papilionaceae subfamily of the leguminous family. Among the hundreds of useful legumes, no more than 20 legume crops have been widely cultiv...
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  • Sesame market China

    Sesame market China

    Affected by adverse weather conditions, China’s sesame harvest situation is not satisfactory. The latest data shows that compared with last year, China’s sesame imports in the last quarter rose by 55.8%, an increase of 400,000 tons. According to the report, as the origin of sesame, th...
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  • The use and precautions of the Seed Cleaning Machine

    The use and precautions of the Seed Cleaning Machine

    The series of Seed Cleaning Machine can clean the various grains and crops (such as wheat, corn, beans and other crops) to achieve the purpose of cleaning seeds, and can also be used for commercial grains. It can also be used as a classifier. The Seed Cleaning Machine is suitable for seed compani...
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