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Is there a high-yield equipment for sesame cleaning?

There are sesame cleaning equipment with different yields on the market, as sesame particles are relatively small and the processing volume is relatively small. The general processing capacity ranges from 500kg/h to 5000kg/h.

The 5XFZ-50S/Z310 intelligent cleaning equipment currently developed by our company has a large gravity table and a wide screening surface, so the output can reach 10000-15000kg/h.

It is currently the largest and relatively highest purity sesame cleaning equipment produced in China.

The Sesame Cleaning machine also comes with a Gravity table. Capable of removing light impurities such as straw and bad seeds that cannot be removed by wind selection and screening.

This sesame cleaning equipment is very popular in the African market, Southeast Asian market, and American market.

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  • Post time: Jun-19-2024
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